Friday, October 3, 2014

Plan4WriMo Day 3: Brainstorm a Character List

Most of the time, my story ideas begin with a character. Or, as with ARROW & NIGHT, a group of characters. So for me, I can’t really figure out what my story is about until I know who it is about.

Whether or not yesterday’s post helped you nail down your story concept, today we’re going to contemplate who we’ll write about in November. And if you didn’t identify your ‘so what’ factor yesterday, maybe knowing who you’re casting as your leading lad or lady will help.

Who’s your main character? What character opposes him? Who’s his sidekick? Who does he love? Who gave birth to him? Who raised him? Who has scarred him? Who provides comic relief? Who lives next door? Who does he meet on his journey?

Whether your book begins with a world, a person, or a question, you’re going to eventually fill it with people. So that’s what we’re going to do today. Fill a page—whether an electronic one or actual paper—with characters.

Today's Links:

My favorite place to brainstorm characters is Pinterest. When I’m plotting I create a private board for my story and the first thing I fill it with is characters.

Who’s your story about? Who or what inspired him/her?


  1. It's only Day 3, and you have already converted me from a Pantser to a Planner! I spent all morning documenting the characters that have been developing in my head over time. It has helped me to organize them and really focus on their personalities. I am so glad I am spending the time doing it now instead of during my NanoWriMo days...when I want to WRITE! Thanks Dannie!

  2. Oh my gosh! I have been writing things down, but I love your idea of Pinterest!! AWesome! I'm trying to plan this year instead of how I've tried in the past to just go by the seat of my pants as they say. Great post! Didn't see yesterday's post, so will have to go back and check it out!

    1. Just don't get sucked into all the recipes and crafts and organizing ideas. Save those for December! :)