Thursday, October 2, 2014

Plan4WriMo Day 2: Ask Yourself Some Tough Questions

So if you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’ve decided to give plotting a chance. Or maybe you’re hoping to use some of this month’s tips and techniques as part of revision. Either way, awesomesauce!

Today, we’re easing into the shallow end of the pool today by brainstorming your big picture idea. What are you going to write about? Is it worth your time? Are you the right person to write it?

Before you spend the next thirty days brainstorming on a project (and the following thirty days writing it) it’s important that you ask yourself some big picture questions:

Is this idea exciting to anyone but me? (Does it have what all-star agent Jen Rofé refers to as ‘So-What’ Factor?)

Does this story matter?

Can I sell it to anyone other than my mom?

Am I uniquely qualified to tell this story in a way that nobody else can?

Will it be fun to write?

If you can answer “YES” already—congratulations! You’re done prepping for today. (Don't worry, the true work of this workshop starts tomorrow!)

If you’re not sure or you want to noodle on it some more, here are some links that can help.



  1. Great questions to ask before beginning a new project and committing yourself to writing a novel :) Awesome series!! Super excited to plan for NaNo wahhhh!
    Loie x