Wednesday, October 29, 2014

#Plan4WriMo Day 29: Experiment with Voice

If you’re a pantser, it’s pretty rare to get a spot-on narrative voice during your very first draft. After all if your plot and character change, the whole tone of your book might, too.

But since we’ve been prepping for 29 days now, we’ve got a good idea for the mood we’re going to set. And we know whose story we’re telling. We know where we’re headed. And we know what POV we’re going to use to tell the tale.
Today we’re going to experiment with narrative voice.

Even if you’re not writing in first person, voice is super important. The first page of PHILOSOPHER’S STONE is chock-full of fantastical voicey goodness. Katniss’ hostility shines through from the very first scene. And Tris’ flat, abnegation affect is obvious from the opening paragraph.

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How does your story sound? 

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