Saturday, October 11, 2014

#Plan4WriMo Day 11: Get Your Research On

There isn’t a lot to today’s blog post because it will vary widely based on the type of book you’re writing.

Consider this your big research day. Whatever knowledge or information you’ll need to reference while writing your book—start collecting it. Make a plan to get the information you need. Find someone to interview on the subject.

If you’re writing a sci-fi thriller you may need to brush up on your knowledge of electromagnetic neurofeedback. If you’re writing something historical you might need to read…like…some history or whatever.  If you’re writing a New Adult Contemporary Romance, you might be researching college campuses or dormitory life by trolling internet experience boards for crazy stories or parking yourself in the local campus’ student union for a couple hours.

Or make out with a hottie?

Yes, you might need to step away from your computer and go into the field. Or the bar.

Writing a YA Contemporary? How long has it been since you set foot in a high school? Writing a book that takes place in the woods but you’ve never been camping? Grab a compass (hint-your fancy cell phone has one built in) and take a walk.

Make some notes. Take some pictures. Bookmark some links. Make a plan to go into the field and do hands-on research this week.

You’ll notice there are no links on today’s post. That’s because it’s your turn to share with the class.

Where do you do your writing research? How do you keep track of it? 



  1. Disagree with Research Cat D:< Wiki is my jump start a lot of the time.

    And I need a load of research for this novel. Hard sci-fi ftw!

  2. I actually don't need much research on this one, but I love Pinterest. I can work Pinterest better than I can work Google... Oh, and I asked for experiences in one of my Facebook groups and got some great information!