Tuesday, January 21, 2014


MENTOR: Molly Lee

ALTERNATE: Jamie Corrigan



WORD COUNT: 64,000

PITCH: A bridge connects doppelgangers Cross and Brielle. If they don't find the madman who put them on a hit list for swapping worlds before his assassins find them, that connection might be what kills them.

EXCERPT: Cross slinked through the alley as nimble as a cat, tracking her prey, waiting for the right time to strike. Liquid-gold light lit her way as she slid her small frame along a bumpy brick wall. Foot placed firmly on a dumpster filled with what smelled like three-day-old tuna, she propelled herself up to her selected post. Sweat dripped from her brow, but Cross refused to acknowledge it. Spring wasn’t always so hot, but right then she felt like she was kneeling in a freaking desert instead of a tar roof in Nashville.

Any day now. She surveyed the landscape. People zigzagged through the rubble-filled streets, living their lives in ignorance. Daniel was down there among them. In the midst of that decay he was working his way toward her. She was sure of it. He wouldn't pass up the chance to say a twisted hello to his victim.

To the untrained eye he looked like any other guy, six feet tall and two hundred pounds of pure muscle. But Cross knew the monster lurking beneath his skin. All of her jobs were dangerous, but Daniel was the most vicious type of moth—a cinnabar. The viper of the moth race.

Finally the tell-tale solid black figure strolled into the alley below. Blood-red stripes ran down his sleeves and pants. Cross peered over the roof's edge, checking for the matching red spot on his back. Her hand fell to her blade, the spot was there.

She sprang to her feet and shot down the rusty fire escape.

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