Thursday, September 19, 2013

Trick or Treat with Agents is coming soon!!!

Guess what?

Trick or Treat with Agents is happening again this year! I seriously can't wait to see what costumes our agents pick to hide behind.

And if you have know idea what the heck I'm talking about...Trick or Treat with Agents is a Halloween themed pitch contest I came up with last year. It was seriously so much fun that Kimberly P. Chase wrangled Brenda Drake and I into doing it again this year. 

If you've been following this blog for a while, you know I have my own success story from this contest---See my How I Got My Agent tab at the top of the blog. We'll each pick 13 pitches (39 total) to host on our blogs.The costumed agents will then stop by and leave candy or chocolate treats aka partial/full manuscript requests between October 28-31st. And on Halloween their identities will be revealed. Sounds fun, right? 

All of the details on how to participate are lined out below. To make things as stress free as possible there will be a 12 hour window to email your pitches in. Plenty of time! And if you're unsure of how to answer Questions 1 and 2 you can always look at our picks from last year for an example.

Contest is open to MG,YA, NA, and Adult. (No Erotica or Memoirs)

Be sure to follow us on Twitter for live updates, and of course, our blogs. We'll also have a blog post soon 
introducing our costumed agents and what they are looking for....

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