ARROW AND NIGHT--YA Re-imagining--Complete at 81,000 words
Status: On Submission

A contemporary retelling of Robin Hood set at the US/Mexico border.

To honor her murdered Chicano father, seventeen-year-old Robin Hodé moonlights in coyotaje--the process of smuggling families across the Mexico/US border. All's well until Constance Nottingham (a.k.a. Mom) becomes U.S. Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

IMPERFECTLY FINE--YA Contemporary--73,000 words
Status: Undergoing a makeover
When her parents are murdered in a seemingly random armed robbery, a girl with cystic fibrosis copes with grief for their loss and guilt for being the one to survive.

PitchWars 2012 Alternate
2012 Trick or Treat with Agents finalist.
Winner of the 2012 Can You Hook a Teen Contest.

AS LONG AS YOU'RE MINE--NA Non-collegiate Contemporary Romance--Work in Progress--83,000 words--
Status: marinating
Four years ago, childhood-soap-star-turned-boy-bander Mack Finnegan demolished Rennie Cobain's heart and ruined her college career, all while he was married to somebody else. After touring the world with rock legends and losing herself in composition, Rennie gets an offer she should refuse--servicing instruments on Broadway for her best friend's show--a show starring one recently divorced Mack Finnegan. If Rennie doesn't take this gig, she'll have to live with a lifetime's worth of "What If's". But there's more at risk than just her heart, especially once the director decides to cash in on her cousin Kurt's legacy.

WHILE YOU WERE GONE--NA Sports Contemporary--Drafting

FREE--YA Contemporary Romance--plotting

OLIVE--YA Urban Fantasy--Drafting

MOUSE--YA Contemporary--marinating

ALL OF YOU--NA Contemporary--Companion to AS LONG AS YOU'RE MINE--drafting

SWICK (Placeholder Title)--possible sequel to ARROW and NIGHT--noodling

MELODY UNCHAINED--YA Contemporary exploration of trauma recovery--plotting


  1. Oh! This sounds like such a great read! Wonderful! I love the concept Dannie!

    1. Thanks, Jolene! (Not sure why I didn't get notified of your comment--sorry for my delayed response!)