Wednesday, October 7, 2015

#Plan4WriMo Reposts! Day 7: Are You In Love Yet?

It’s day seven of our plotting and planning adventure, and we’re doing a check-in. How are you feeling about the work you’ve done so far? Does it change your perception of plotting? Are we having fun yet? :)

There might be a lot of blanks left to fill in—and that’s more than okay. We’re just beginning to delve into this whole plotting adventure and there’s plenty of time left before NaNo starts. And as we work through October, a lot of the details will fill themselves in by asking and answering questions.

So today we’re just reflecting. How are you feeling about your story concept? Do you have a stronger handle on your ‘so what’ factor than you did six days ago? Do you feel confident that this is the right story for you to tell?

If you’re feeling more cautious than optimistic, maybe this isn’t your story. Or maybe you’re not ready to write it yet.

You’re the only person who can answer these questions. If you’re not sure, keep going! This is a writing exercise—a workshop. Even if you don’t end up using anything specific that you’ve written, you’ve learned about yourself as a writer and developed some new techniques.

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  1. I'm a day behind you this year, but I can say I've definitely fallen in love. :) Hope you have too!