Monday, October 5, 2015

Plan4WriMo Reposts! Day 5: Set the Scene

You know a little about your characters now and how you’re going to torture them. Yesterday we came up with a list of places your character might find himself. Today we’re going to figure out what he does when he gets there.

Begin delving into plotting by identifying a list of potential scenes.

You may not use all of these. Actually, you probably won’t. But before you can sure up your story concept, you need to identify where you’re headed and how you’re going to get there.

This is the part where pantsers start to cringe and back slowly away without making eye contact, right? Well, maybe. But give it a chance. You’re not committing to anything—you’re not going to start writing for another 26 days. This is just a way to get the creative juices flowing about the sort of predicaments in which your main character might find himself.

What are some challenges your main character might face?  How will you show us what’s at stake if your MC fails? How does he meet the other important people in your book? How will you reveal your main character’s goals? His flaws? What will start him on his journey? How will he get where he needs to go? What sort of conflicts will he experience with other characters? How are you going to torture him? When will he first meet his antagonist? When will he begin taking action as a hero? How will your novel conclude?

Brainstorm a list of possible scenes. Connect them to the settings and characters you’ve identified so far. You’ll add to and delete from this list as we continue planning, but for now this is just a list of possibilities. No pressure. No commitment.

2015 Update:

I've never tried the Snowflake Method personally but I keep hearing about. I think I'll probably work on that today as part of my brainstorming. Have any of you used it? What do you think????

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  1. I tried to Snowflake and failed. Mine's more like raindrops.