Friday, October 16, 2015

#Plan4WriMo Reposts: Day 16--Get Your Backstory Out of Your System Now

You’ve spent two weeks thinking about the story you’re going to write. You’ve gotten to know your characters, their history, and everything that leads up to your inciting incident.

That’s a whole lot of infodump waiting to happen. Today’s exercise involves actual writing, but not the kind you’ll include in your manuscript. We’re going to create backstory for our characters—contemplate how they came to be who they are before your book opens.

Consider writing a scene that would be a flashback if you were to include it in your book. What was your main character’s most traumatizing childhood moment? What was his favorite birthday? What moment in her past is she most proud of? How did your main character meet his/her sidekick?

But since it’s not November yet, you can’t include any of this in your novel or it’s CHEATING! Hah. 

No but really, plan not to include much if any of this. This is for you, as the writer, to know your story, your characters and their world. Get it out of your system now so that come November, you know enough about your characters’ history that you don’t need to work it out while you’re drafting.

And if your CPs or beta readers are confused, you can always dribble it into your manuscript later on. 

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