Friday, October 30, 2015

#Plan4WriMo Day 30: Get Your Ducks Together

Holy crow you’ve done a lot of work this month. If you’ve participated all month you may have gobs of notes, stickies or flashcards, Pinterest boards, synopses, pitches, and a hot picture of Matt Lewis.

Just me? K…

Today we’re going to make sense of it all, put it in some sort of orderly fashion so we can access it if we need it, and absorb the information to make sure it’s consistent with the story you’re trying to tell.

There are probably some things you still don’t have an answer for. And some things will change organically as you write. But in terms of trying to write a novel in 30 days, you’re a lot closer to the finish line already, and you haven’t even started writing your first draft yet.

If you want, throw your NaNoWriMo handle in the comments so we can all support and keep up with each other over the next month.

Then get ready to write. You’ve got this.

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