Wednesday, October 8, 2014

#Plan4WriMo Day 8: Get to Know Your Main Character

Whether your story idea starts with a person, place, or plot, for many readers the first thing they connect with is your main character. You can’t have a story without them and your story would be entirely different if you were championing anyone else.

So today we’re going to think about main characters and begin to get an idea of who they heck will be taking over our brains over the next few months.

For those using this ‘workshop’ to analyze a WIP, you probably have some sense of who your MC is. But do all his actions make sense? Do your CPs or beta readers feel like they fully understand your MC’s motivations? Do you?

Herein are some exercises to help you ensure that you’ve created a consistent, tangible, authentic main character that your readers will love. Or, in the case of an anti-hero, love to hate.


Who is your main character? What does he want?

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