Friday, March 7, 2014

Fangirl Friday: Art Services from SP McConnell

Hi kids! This week's Fangirl Friday post is something a little different. Today I'm fangirling over an incredibly talented writer friend for something other than his writing!

For those of you who participated in #PitchWars or are gearing up for this month's Pitch Madness contest, you may have had the opportunity to enjoy the artwork of SP McConnell.

And if you're like me, when you see the incredible art that comes out of this guy's brain it makes you wanna...

all over your laptop.

No? Just me? You guys are such liars.

Well, now you can collaborate with SP to bring your own words to life through book covers, swag, or other commissioned art services. Here's some info from the artist himself and some samples of his work!

S.P. McConnell

I am excited to announce my official illustration, fine art and design service website is open to the public. Please visit to view an extensive source for traditional and digital illustration, classical and contemporary artwork, and design services for authors ranging from book covers to comprehensive world-building.

For the first time in my career, I have merged decades worth of custom murals with an extensive gallery of traditional art and expanded to service the literary world with a vast array of visual products. 

Services include (but are not limited to):

Book Covers
Interior Illustration  
Promotional Material (Swag)

Character Sketches
Web Images
Business Cards
Branding and Logo Design
Fine Art
Art Reproductions
Custom Murals

It is my sincere hope to work with authors to achieve a visual celebration of their literary creations. With over two decades in the professional art world, combined with a comprehensive education in visual art and design, I will create works that embrace the unique and beautiful nature of my client's literature. I hope to provide an avenue for authors to gain a market presence through extraordinary images that clearly display a labor of love.

 ~S.P. McConnell

Personally, I'm ready to move into the dragon room right now...

So, if you are looking for art services for your book, publicity materials, website, etc, and *especially* if you're part of the PitchWars family, hop on over to SP's new site and check out his services and his incredible work. I'm beyond jealous of a person who can paint beautiful pictures with both art AND words. Wishing you all the success, Sean!

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