Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pitch Wars: The Alternates Showcase!

Welcome to the Alternate showcase!

Today I’m hosting some of the amazing writers who participated in a six week manuscript makeover known as #PitchWars: where published/agented authors and industry interns mentored a team of writers to help them make their word-babies shiny for agents. The mentors picked one to go into the agent round on Brenda Drake’s blog ( and two alternates in case their top pick dropped out of the competition.

The alternates were amazing, so we wanted to do a showcase of their talent to reward them for their hard work. Following this post you’ll find the pitches for the writers I’m hosting.

This is not exclusive to the agents signed up for Pitch wars. All agents are welcomed to make requests in the comments of the posts!

This is not open for critiques. So if you’re not an agent, you may comment only if you want to show some love to the writers. Again, please do not critique in the comments.

Thank you! And enjoy the War! :)

My Mentee, Sonia Hartl's pitch can be found here. (NA Contemporary Suspense)
My First Alternate Alexandra Alesssandri's pitch can be found here. (YA Multicultural/Magical Realism)
My Second Alternate Christy Little's pitch can be found here. (YA Contemporary)

Other alternate showcases:Middle Grade: Veronica Bartles
New Adult & Adult: Nazarea Andrews, Lady Lioness

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