Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What's Up, Wednesday for October 16, 2013

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Hi kids! It's been a while. What's up with YOU this week??

I just finished reading SOUL TAKEN by Katlyn Duncan for the upcoming book tour for Book 2 SOUL POSSESSED, which I'm participating in at the beginning of next month. An out of the box YA Paranormal that I really enjoyed! Review coming soon. For fun I just started Sarah Ocklar's TWENTY BOY SUMMER which OMG the hook? Amazeballs and heartbreaking. I'm also re-reading THE GUARDIANS by T.M. Franklin because when I first got the ARC I devoured it in about four hours because I had to know what happened! But I want to go back and re-read for my review for her tour next month.

I'm doing detailed chapter outlines for my NaNo project, which I am SUPER excited about. I'm cheating a little and doing a couple sample chapters before November, but only because my agent is making me. ;P My hope is to knock out all 80k during November. Wish me luck LOL!

My amazing critique community Scribophile inspires me always, but especially this week. I called in a favor and they responded with enthusiasm and support. If you're like me and you prefer an online writing group to a live one or if you (also like me) haven't found a live writing group close to home that is exactly what you're looking for, you should check Scrib out. (And you can find me on there, too!)

Gearing up to judge/host Trick or Treat with Agents next week! The entry window is on Tuesday, October 22nd from 9AM-9PM, so if you are actively looking for an agent for your MG, YA, NA, or A manuscript, check out the deets HERE. Don't you just love my costume??

Just kidding...sorta. 

Otherwise I am busting my butt at the day job and taking on the majority of Mommy duties as hubby recovers from an impromptu gall bladder removal experience last week.

More importantly what are YOU guys up to! It's been forever since I participated in this hop and I'm glad to be back on the wagon!



  1. Glad to hear you liked TWENTY BOY SUMMER! I've been meaning to read it for ages. Good luck with your NaNo goal!

  2. I've read TWENTY BOY SUMMER, but I actually liked BITTERSWEET by Ockler better. Maybe it's because it was a snowy read and you don't find those a lot in YA. (I'm from Canada, so it feels familiar lol.) I'm not doing NaNo this year mainly because I plan to revise, but I still have my account active so I can cheer everyone on and also sort of take advantage of the accountability factor. November is always kind of a rush. Have a great week and good luck with your sample chapters. :-)

    1. I really enjoyed BITTERSWEET, too! Though I'd read one recently that was super similar called THE SWEETEST THING, which I also loved. Good luck with your revisions!