Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What's Up, Wednesday? August 21, 2013

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Hi Peeps! What's up with YOU this week??


I just finished reading GOING HOME AGAIN by Abby Cavenaugh, and I am honest to blog blown away, you guys. Full disclosure--I'm also very biased because Abs is my peeps IRL, but seriously, this book is so so good. i'm sort of just excited to know someone who wrote something so heartwrenching. If you like adult contemporary romance that is sweet and painful at the same time, check it out. And I'm interviewing Abby on my blog on Friday, so you should check that out, too. =D


Working on author interviews for my blog September and waffling between WIPs at the moment. I need to get really, REALLY excited about a single project, and that's not happening right now, so I'm switching between the four I've got between 30-50K and hoping one of them snags me. So far not so much. Anyone ever been there? How do you get yourself out of this wishy-washy ick? RE: the author interviews if you write New Adult or YA and you've got a book coming out between now and the holidays, hit me up via the contact form in the side bar ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>


This is my first week back to work after my first summer home with the kiddo. Part of me is really happy to not be sitting around the house chasing a one year old after two solid months without a break. Another part feels rather schmoopy about the whole thing. Next week will be MUCH more exciting as my inner-city students get to experience a brand new, state of the art school after being in a 50-year-old not-so-state-of-the-art school that will be demo'ed this weekend. We're talking iPads for all the kids to use, SmartBoards in every classroom, THE WORKS. I cannot wait to feel the new energy along with my kids. Morale is at an all-time-high and it is amazing to be a part of this transition. Times like this I really love my job.


Everything and nothing in particular. Life is good. Writing could be better, but I'm not too frustrated by it (yet.) Still on a WriteOnCon high and holding my breath on other writerly things.

Okay, enough about me. Tell me what's up with YOU???


  1. SmartBoards are a lot of fun! The kids are going to love it. Good luck for the next school year :)

  2. That's awesome about your school! How great for your kids too!

    And I know that back-to-school, leave the kids thing well. For the first time in 21 years, I'm not going back. Both weird and exciting.

    And good luck figuring out what project to settle on! It will happen. One will start permeating the thoughts more than the others and you'll know.

    1. last year I didn't go back with everyone else b/c I was on maternity leave. It was very weird. I can't imagine after 21 years--and you do NOT look "well-seasoned" enough to have spent 21 years in a classroom!

  3. One of the cool thing about getting to know other aspiring writers is the fact that one day, they will become published writers, and the awesome writing you've come to appreciate will be in print and on shelves, and you can say to people, "I know him/her!" :) Of course, that spurs me on to write my best--I don't want my blog friends disowning me when they see my work! ;)

    Thanks for your comments on my query during WOC, Dannie--they were very helpful. You can see the sort-of-final version on my blog. I say "sort-of-final" since the novel isn't ready for querying, and I daresay I'll tweak it again before I send it to agents.

    Have a great week! :D

    1. I'm glad my feedback was helpful, Colin! I will definitely check it out.

  4. That's fantastic about the new fully-stocked school! I'm excited for you and your kids and I don't even get to see it lol. How awesome. :D

    I hope one of your writing projects snags you soon. I know what you mean about that, though. I have four stories on the go right now, and at different times, one will grab me more than the others. I think it sometimes has to do with seasons for me. Hope it all sorts itself out for you. Have a great week, Dannie! :D