Tuesday, August 27, 2013

FAE by C.J. Abedi: Review & eBook Giveaway!

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FAE by C.J. Abedi 

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Dannie says: frozen hell, I enjoyed a book with historical elements--and? I wanted more!

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What I Liked:

The MCs: I found Devilyn to be a well developed and intentionally complex character, but I wanted more from Caroline than I got. As the would-be queen of the light Fae, I expected her to embody those characteristics more than she did. Though in the interest of fairness it should be noted that I am particularly critical of female MCs who are rescued. 

I was so frustrated by the cliffhanger ending, but in a good way. It definitely made me eager to read the next installment, which tells you the authors did a lot more right than they're given credit for on some Goodreads reviews. And boo hiss to the blogger who wrote a nasty review after only reading 6%! May your comment box be inundated with spam and all your requested galleys sent to me instead!

What I Loved:

The intensity of the opening scenes. The hook definitely did its job, and I finished reading in less than two days as a result. 

The Roanoke legend connection/concept. A nice twist on the fae mythology. I actually was really engaged in this idea--which is a true credit to the authors since on the whole I loathe historical fiction to the point I refuse to review it because that's just not fair to the authors. I wanted to see more Roanoke than I got so I'm hoping there's more of that to come in future installments.

I really enjoyed the minor characters, in whom the authors clearly devoted a great deal of energy. I felt good about the way they were engaging without overshadowing the MCs. Okay, Famous may have overshadowed Caroline a bit at times. It's been a while since I've read a YA with a featured creature character, and as an animal fangirl that was refreshing for me to meet one who wasn't campy.

What I Wanted More Of:

Some practical stuff didn't seem well vetted--like the diner closing for the night around 7 or 8 pm according to the story timeline or football practice in the middle of the school day. I felt there was too much data-dump. I think that's one thing M. Marr does really well that I felt might have been overworked in these pages. After the prologue, I felt the backstory scenes were a distraction that slowed the pace for me.  

**spoiler alert next paragraph only* 
I did not like Caroline having to be rescued by Devilyn at the end. I had hoped that she would take control of the situation, but I also get that it's probably too early in the series for that to happen. So the jury is still out on Caroline but I am definitely Team Devilyn!

Short story long--if you like Fae lore, loved that sparkly vampire nonsense, or enjoy historical fantasy, you will love Fae. And you should probably check out the rafflecopter giveaway below!


  1. I've never read a "fae" story that was accessible to guys. Not sure why.

  2. want to read this book!