Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday's Children--Inspired By Community

Thursday's children is a blog meme where writers blog about what inspires them. Click here to join the blog hop!

I had promised myself I was going to take a blogging break until school got out because I am up to my eyeballs at work, but some things are occurring at the moment and I'm too inspired to resist participating in Thursday's Children. Which, really, you should all be doing, too. Blog memes are an awesome way to engage in a supportive community of people going through the same stuff we are, and there's strength in numbers and whatnot.

Speaking of which...

This week I'm inspired by community. Not the TV show, which I've never seen because I watch TV so frequently that I haven't had cable since literally the last century. But by the writing community, which I feel so incredibly blessed to have found a home in over the last couple years. For me, a big part of that has been participating in blog contests and memes/hops like this one. I've met some amazing writers that keep me going when I feel like my words suck or my husband is sick of hearing about Connor or Cole or I feel like the world will end if I get one more form rejection. Because sometimes you just need someone to say...

So this post is a thank you to Kristina and Rhiann for hosting this hop, to Kim and Brenda for their awesome contests, to my CPs for getting me into the whole community to begin with, and to all my tweeps who keep me going when I'm struggling to do that for myself. Sorry I'm a little MIA lately, but I'll be back with a snarky vengeance come June 12th when my office is packed and ready to move into our brand new school next fall.

Until then, in the immortal words of my dear friend Joe Mac,
Keep Writing.

And thanks for reading. :)

Check out the other Thursday's Children and join us! I promise it will be the best blogging decision you ever make.

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  1. Hi Dannie! I agree, connecting with the writing community has all sorts of rewards--the best of which is getting to meet new peeps. So--nice to meet you, good luck with your busy schedule, and I look forward to future posts. :D

  2. I think there's some weird Thursday's Children mind-meld going on... Anyway, I'm glad you were unable to resist the lure of TC and I look forward to your full throttle snark come mid-June ;-)

  3. So true. I can't imagine getting through all the tough times (and the good) without all the writing friends I've met thanks to the internet!

  4. Yeah.I'm with you. Isn't it great to find friends to connect with?

  5. Thank you so much for joining us! It totally makes my week when new writers hop along. *big virtual hugs* Kristina x

  6. Hear hear! I have never experienced a community as supportive and positive as the writing community. Good luck! And keep your stick on the ice, eh? (Canadian encouragement)

  7. *chest-tap salute* Great post! Glad you've found a supportive community.