Thursday, July 22, 2010

You Might be Addicted to TSQ If...

So since I'm an addictions counselor, I'm specially trained to diagnose addiction. Here are some signs and symptoms that MIGHT indicate you're addicted to TSQ. The symptoms are listed in no particular order.

You reference it while commenting on other NKAFF stories.

You find yourself contemplating a new favorite New Kid for the first time in twenty-two years.

You giggle while looking at pictures of spiral staircases.

Shopping in the Disney Store is a form of foreplay in your book.

You giggle audibly whenever someone on your Twitter timeline asks “What’s TSQ?”

You do dramatic readings of TSQ with your friends. Yeah, you know who you ahhh.

You know when I’m talking about playing with Barrett I’m not talking about Barrett McIntyre and this excites you.

You would totally move to Caliutah if given the chance

You’ve made a TSQ related t-shirt…or several

You find yourself more knowledgeable about dead languages and the Krishna culture than you ever imagined possible. And you like it.

You keep a spreadsheet or other notes for trying to figure out the order to The Order.

You’ve actually figured out the order to the Order.

You’ve contemplated getting an Order tattoo

Got any other symptoms? Add them as comments. :)


  1. * You get email in the middle of the night from someone named Riddlah and you squeal, fly outta bed and head to your laptop to edit so the next chapter of TSQ can be waiting for the other girls when they wake up.

    * You've spent more on batteries in the last two months than you spend on your kids electronics.

    * Your spouse knows the general storyline of TSQ and refers to it in casual conversations.

    * You know what "screw top wine" does to Riddlah.

    * You contemplate sending screw top wine to Riddlah.

    * You drink your own screw top wine.

    * While you were concerned when Riddlah's house got struck by lightning, once you knew she and B were safe, you nearly went into a catatonic meltdown while you waited for Barrett's cord to be replaced.

    * You've saved pictures off the internet and open up one half-screen with TSQ and the other half with your photo program and make it a picture book.

    * You send out IM's, DM's and text messages to your friends with just one word: "PORN!" and they know exactly what it means.

  2. *You squee when you see RG or Mel tweet to the other, "You've got mail" at 3 a.m.

    *After reading the first two pages, you proceeded to read for another 4 hours into the morning from the script you had in bed.

    *You woke up 3 hours later and went into work 2 hours late to finish catching up online.

    *You giggle when someone mentions zippers on their pants.

    *When your kids refer to what you're doing in the office instead of working as, "reading about the concert guys."

  3. *You read TSQ on your teensy-tiny BB screen at 5:00am because Riddlah announces she's updated juuuust as you've decided to go to bed.

    *You giggle whenever you see Greek letters, even if they're not Α, Ω, Ν, Κ, O, T or B.

    *You hear the words Alpha and Omega and you hide a knowing grin.

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  5. You make the sign of the order out of M&M's.

  6. You make the sign of the order out of M&M's.