Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why I Write.

I write in order to breathe, not the other way around. When asked what I do for a living, my first instinct is to say that I'm an author. I've made very little money writing thus far. I have two advanced degrees in human services. That's what I do for a living. For now.

I have an amazing, nontraditional family. My husband is one of the two bravest, strongest men I know, the other being Jonathan R. Knight. Bruce is an incredible partner, the most kind hearted man I've ever met, and he supports me, for better AND for worse, in ways I never imagined possible. We have five children, each of whom has four legs. Whoever said that animals make great kids because they don't talk back, hasn't met Snoel.

I write about things I know, but not necessarily things I've experienced. For example, I write about illicit drug use a lot. I love writing about things I'd never imagine myself actually doing. Vicariousness is a pretty awesome thing. I tend to think I have a pretty unique perspective on life. I try to take the road less travelled because I'm not particularly fond of following others.

I admire and envy teenagers. I wish I had enjoyed being a teenager more. I think a lack of adolescence comes with being an only child. You live with adults, adulthood is what you experience, even if you are only twelve. Thankfully this wistfulness gives me a lot of ammo to work with on paper.

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